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Coaching for the Christ-following Husband
Lead with strength and love. Become the greatest man they’ve ever known. Enjoy an incredible sex life with your wife.
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Receive breakthrough clarity, conviction, and confidence like never before. Finally understand why the usual advice to husbands doesn’t work, and discover God’s best, instead.
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Be the confident leader of your family. Earn their admiration. Bring frequency and passion to the marriage bed.

Nobody tells men that our
lives will shift into autopilot
without us noticing. They didn’t
warn us that our marriage would
drift into average instead of amazing.
But Christians should have the best
marriages and the best sex lives.

The Family Captain will show you how.

Does any of this describe your situation?

  • She won’t let you lead
  • She’s always tired and not interested in sex
  • You feel awkward about being the “head” of your wife
  • Family life feels overwhelming instead of a joy
  • She’s the keeper of the sex and you’re the seeker of the sex
  • You don’t know where to practically begin
  • Your wife stays anxious and stressed out
  • Sex is infrequent and lacking passion
  • You do what she wants because “it’s just easier”
  • She points out your flaws and disrespects you
  • You lack confidence
  • You feel like roommates at times
  • Your wife sees you as another child she has to care for
  • She just has a “low drive”
  • You feel like you have to walk on eggshells
  • She feels sex is a chore and treats it like a duty
  • You argue all the time
  • You worry about being a “tyrant” so you don’t lead at all
  • Your family is drifting in different directions
  • You’re detached and passive
If that sounds familiar… you can become the captain of the ship, and turn all this around.
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"I had a heart to heart with my son about my anger outbursts. I apologized and committed to growing and leading him better."

 Frank Z

"My wife has been so much more tender and feminine. I absolutely LOVE seeing this side of her!"

 Mich S

"I was able to help another guy this week with all that I'm learning and he's already seen improvement in his marriage!"

 Derik L

"Before I started The Family Captain, my wife told me she was going to file for divorce. Now our communication is better than it has ever been. The Family Captain has been the turning point for our marriage."

 Kevin H

"Every single week of the program has been something new and something amazing. It's been incredible."

 Parker T

"My wife and I are more of a team than we have ever been."

 Rick N

"I'm protecting my wife and being a covering for her, and disciplining my children among many other things."

 Swayne K

"I can feel God's presence working in me and we haven't had any conflict in weeks."

 Kyle W

"My wife has been warmer. She thanked God for me in prayer the other day."

 Alex S

"'Starfish' sex is gone!"

 Sam M

"My wife has noticed a difference and it’s changing the dynamics of our relationship. We’re much more like we were when dating some 20 years ago. We are friends, we flirt, we goof off trying to make each other laugh and smile. When issues arise we are much better at handling them as a team."

 John M

"My wife and I are enjoying the best communication we've had in 5 years."

 Jude R

"Honestly going through this program... best thing I have done for myself in years. No marriage counseling or upbringing has shown me the wisdom and approach to true masculine godly leadership like this program."

 Jim B

"I have always viewed my circumstances as 'stuck,' but that point of view is totally gone now."

 Richard L

"I finally know how to take action. I can confidently and stably lead, even through conflict or difficult conversations with my wife."

 Dylan W

"I used to think my wife was really the reason for any of our challenges, but as I've changed, our entire marriage has improved along with me."

 Fred Y

"My wife and I have stopped arguing."

 Don A

"I now have confidence in who I am, in who God created me to be... I’ve never had that in my life, I’ve always based who I was on others perception of me, so Praise God and thank you!"

 Samuel C

"I have a sense of godly purpose, and my wife has the strong husband she's needed."

 Johnson G

"I've been able to lead our family into really great quality time around the dinner table, and that's saying a lot for a 17, 12, and 5 year old."

 Xavier D

"My wife has randomly and sincerely told me she loved me. That never used to happen."

 George H

"My wife blew me away today when she said: 'You look really handsome today... I want to have sex with my husband tonight.'"

 James T

"My 5 year old son has been noticing me lead myself so well, now I've helped him build a routine that he's actually pumped about and keeping consistently!"

 Henry K

"My wife apologized to me for her behavior in a conversation we had earlier. She's never apologized to me for anything. This is crazy!"

 Jeon K

"Our sex life is absolutely incredible. But it's not just that. Everything just keeps getting better and better!"

 Luke S

"My daughter runs and jumps into my arms again."

 Wayne J

"I've been late for work for the past three days because I needed to handle more important "business" in the bedroom."

 Lee P

"It's crazy that I've gone my entire life without hearing these concepts!"

 Amish A

"Everything is different. My confidence is through the roof."

 Dwayne J

"This has changed my life. I have a brand new confidence and strength!"

 Tim G

"I've been looking for this for years. The teaching, the coaching, the brotherhood, and I've finally found it."

 Tom C

"After tucking in my 6 year old daughter the other night she said, 'Daddy, I feel protected.' and that felt pretty awesome."

 Jim D

"I'm just not angry anymore... and for me, that is profound."

 Lewis G
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