the Family Captain

The Family Captain exists to fill the giant void of sound, biblical teaching and truly practical help for Christian husbands.

There is a ton of bad advice and bad teaching that doesn’t actually lead to thriving marriages and households.

The modern Church hints at a husband’s leadership, but when he tries to lead, they tell him that he is overbearing. So he steps back, and then they shame him for being passive.

It’s good to correct the extremes of tyranny and passivity, but still, nobody actually tells men HOW to lead well.

Men want real answers, but they just keep getting told to “do more dishes” and “be a servant leader, bro.”

Many Christian wives are stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. Many Christian husbands are frustrated.

Is this really what marriage and family life should look like for the children of God?

Absolutely not.

It’s time to end this nonsense. No more time spent whining about your unmet desires. No more fighting with your wife. No more low-grade frustration. No more waiting for her to “do her part” before you do yours.

The Family Captain shows men HOW to transform their family culture and their bedrooms. 

We are ruthlessly practical and biblically faithful.

Men who follow the Family Captain system transform into the greatest man their wife and kids have ever known. The feminine becomes attracted to the masculine, and men become the man their wife wants to have sex with, instead of the man she has to have sex with.

Husbands and fathers joyfully lead their families with strength and love, as they finally have clarity to embrace their role.

They learn to apply the Three Legs of Leadership: Compassion, Responsibility, and Authority.

This causes their family to enjoy God’s best: A wife who is blessed and flourishing under the covering of her loving husband. A home full of peace. A shared mission and identity. Children who are secure and nurtured. A marriage bed that’s full of freedom, frequency, and passion. And a man who is fully alive.

This is the life of a family captain.

About JM

John Michael Clark specializes in helping men with family leadership and sex in marriage.

He’s on a mission to help guys lead with strength and love. He cuts through the cliches to “be a spiritual leader” and gets specific to help men gain confidence, earn the admiration of their wives and children, and lead like Jesus.

His unique approach to coaching brings a simplicity, humor, practicality, and strength that men appreciate and respond to.

He is the pastor of Salt Church. He’s a Carolina Panthers fan, enjoys Jiu-Jitsu, and loves cruising on the motorcycle or boat.

He’s married to his dream girl, Natalie, and they’re raising their 3 sons Elijah, Brock, and Hudson on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia.

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